I am the perfect professional interpreter and translator for you.


You can trust me when organizing or working at events involving interpreters.

I interpret during conferences, events, exhibitions, meetings, B2B. I work as an interpreter over the phone or during Skype calls.

I am a certified court interpreter.

We can have a chat to outline all the details. You will not be disappointed.


When hiring a translator, you should consider important qualities and details: precision, accuracy, involvement and care. You will find out I have all such qualities.

I am a professional and skilled translator specializing in the following niche markets:

  • nautical sports and activities, especially surf, windsurf, sailing and more;
  • transcreation;
  • advertisement and marketing;
  • publishing;
  • robotics.

I also deal with more general topics, you just need to discuss your needs with me.


Should you need an interpretation and translation lecturer for your University, call me, I will be pleased to find out what I can do for you.

What my clients say about me


Connie Shaw - Owner, Sentient Publications LLC

“Martina is a thorough, patient translator, who makes sure she understands the nuances of the work. She is an excellent communicator and a joy to work with. I give her my highest recommendation.”

Cheri Fairchild - Senior HR Consultant

“Martina is dedicated to her profession and continues to strive to do her best by effectively engaging her clients. Her ongoing communication throughout the project ensures an exceptional end product. While being flexible, she maintains the utmost professionalism completing the work timely and of high-quality.”

Roberto Vanzella - Quality Manager at BRIEDA & C. s.r.l.

“I met Martina 4 years ago, she was my teacher in a course for the improvement of the English language in the company I work for. It was great to work with her because she loves her job. After this first experience, I hired Martina to cooperate with me in a marketing project: she had the task of supervising and managing the linguistic aspect of the project, which had the goal of promoting our company in the world. It was a great experience, because she constantly uses all her skills to deeply understand what we really want to transmit to our potential customers, and the final result was really successful, and it is still appreciated. If you want a professional interpreter and translator to take care of what you really need and of what matters to you, you have to work with Martina.”

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