Martina Lunardelli - interpreter translator -

I am an interpreter and a translator. I run my own professional interpreting and translation business and I have 10+ years experience in the field. I translate from English and Spanish into Italian, my native language. Professionalism is the result of long and continuous work of improvement. It is also the result of a real passion for what I do. A skilled professional loves what she does. I have been working in the interpreting and translation fields for a long time and I take care of the linguistic needs of my clients. I treat my customers individually with care and extreme attention.

Furthermore, I team up with a pool of professional colleagues who deal with different language combinations. Multiple professionals, a single reference for your convenience.

I obtained a bachelor degree in translation and interpreting at the Ca’Foscari University in Venice and a master degree in translation and interpreting in the same University. I have worked in many countries like Iraq, Libya, Algeria, the USA and of course Italy and in various and challenging situations. I continuously train to improve my skills and to offer the best linguistic and professional solutions to all my clients.